Mushroom Magic: Now Official

It is amazing to think that certain types of mushrooms can have miraculous health benefits. Min Zhang from the University of Western Australia School of Population Health conducted research that showed that eating mushrooms can have positive health effects for women living in China. Visit our website and learn more about soulcybin scam.

Current Research

Zhang of Zhejiang University, China and The University of Western Australia conducted joint research that found eating mushrooms and green tea could help protect you from breast cancer. Zhang said that breast cancer is the most widespread type of cancer for women in all countries and was on the rise both in developing and developed nations. The incidence of cancer was significantly lower in China than in the developed world. It was hoped that the study would show whether this might be because of the Chinese tradition of using fresh and dried mushrooms as well green leaf tea. The anti-carcinogenic effects of mushrooms, extracts from mushrooms and green tea were believed to boost the immune system against breast cancer.

It was recorded that 2,000 Asian women aged between 20 and 87 ate mushrooms and green tea. Half the women in this study were healthy, and all of them had breast cancer confirmed. Interview revealed that Agaricus bisporus fresh white mushrooms and Lentinula, a fragrant dried mushroom, are the most common types of mushroom. While some of the women studied did not consume mushrooms or green tea, others consumed both.

Results from the study revealed that green tea and mushrooms combined had a lower risk of breast cancer. They also showed a reduced chance of malignance. Zhang suggested that this inexpensive intervention might have some potential benefits for breast cancer prevention if it is confirmed in further research.