How to Learn How to Paint in Your Own Home

As discussed in my earlier article, Don’t you think that there is no creative bone within your own body? As I mentioned in my previous article, So you don’t have a creative bone in your, soft pastel painting is an art and it takes some foundational skills to master . These basic requirements are already in place. Your mother probably taught them to you. The only thing left is to enhance and refine these skills.

What I’m referring to is patience a love of learning (or, specifically, a love for creativity) and instruction given by a wiser person or someone with more experience. The combination of these three attributes is lethal when applied to the learning process.

Should you enroll in art courses at the local community college or your nearest local art school?

Not at all. No, not at all. My experience as a “self taught” artist is something I want to share with you. I developed my own art business without having ever attended any classes. The goal is possible. To clarify, when I refer to myself as “self-taught”, what I actually mean is that the information that I obtained from books, magazines and other sources was used by me. While you may still need some training, the resources are available for free. From online tutorials to local libraries.

Let me tell you first why youshould consider learning how to paint. I will also explain the advantages you’ll reap. Pass over this section if your mind is already made up.

You can learn to paint and enjoy the many benefits.

Have you ever seen a small child in a pushchair, or perhaps even parked, be hypnotised with the mere sight of a leaf blowing? What’s so captivating about trees? The adults are so busy worrying about their jobs, finances, marriages and mortgages that they don’t even pay attention. Each day we drive past the tree as we go to work or run errands. It’s green. The trunk of the car is brown. Right?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The baby knows. The artist sees. Artists can see.

The trunk of the tree isn’t brown… it has hundreds of different colours, as the sun hits the leaves differently. Each leaf twists and turns with the breeze. This isn’t brown…look at how the sunrise turns the bark pink and then gold.

Paint will literally change the way you view life. The artist must also learn how to recognize subtle differences. The shape and color of clouds are something I look at every time I leave the house. When was the last moment you took a closer look? Everyday, we overlook the importance of clouds to our lives.

Have you been convinced yet? You’re ready to get started?

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