Holistic Therapy for Spiritual Healing – Holistic Treatment For Emotional Heal

I suggested that energy healing techniques are the best way to heal emotions wounds in the first piece of this article series. It works at cellular level and helps with emotional clearing and release of painful memories, feelings and limiting beliefs. I have listed several essential oils that can be used for emotional healing in this article. On ayahuasca retreats usa you can learn more.

This article offers healing meditation as an option for emotional clearing.

Meditation: The benefits

1) Meditation allows you to relax and deepen breathing. Meditation strengthens the mind/body connection and can help with spiritual awareness.

2) Meditation makes you more connected to yourself, allowing you to be more present with who you really are. It can help identify areas of healing and change in your own life.

3) It can improve self-esteem, focus, and your ability to think clearly.

4) Meditation can help you heal. According to Belleruth Naparstek, psychotherapist: “Trauma lives on the right part of the brain.” Therefore, right-brain activation is most effective in healing it. This makes guided imagery, meditation, and other forms of guided imagery very effective in healing trauma.

Meditation, which stores our emotions in the right brain, is ideal for emotional healing.

Grounding Meditation

“Have your ever felt nervous before speaking engagements, irritable following a sleeplessnight, or hot afterwards after an argument? If so, it is likely that you weren’t grounded. Ungrounded people can be anxious, irritable, or even nauseous. -Sarah Wood Vallely Sensational Meditation for Children

You can start meditation by doing simple grounding meditations.

By focusing on grounding or centering your attention, you can release stressors and painful emotions such as anxiety or irritability. Meditation allows you to experience letting go and releasing the energy in your body.

How to Create Your Own Meditative

You should use all of your senses to meditate.

You need two things to ground meditation: Rootedness (and release) and Healing (and I would add that element).

First, use earth-centered imagery. This can suggest rootedness. Next, you might try inhaling and exhaling deeply to imagine healing energy filling your body.

Now imagine some release. In my healing meditations, I sometimes imagine that what is healed will be absorbed into love.

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