Astrology: Effective use of Gems

It is not necessary to introduce the Gems world as it has been a household name for a while. There are no Gem Merchants or Jewelers today who don’t know about the magical powers and multi-faceted uses of gems. How to spot fake Moldavite?

According to the Oxford dictionary, “Gem” is a precious stone that is of exceptional beauty and excellence. This is why it is a natural stone, which is organic, derived from mother earth. Although many crystals and pieces of artificial glass are also called Gems, they do not fall within the Gems definition. This is why we won’t be discussing them here.

Prehistoric times saw the discovery of gems. There are mythological references and mentions in Indian Puranas about the various precious Gems that were being assembled and made part of the Treasury of Emperors. Precious stones were given as gifts to honor exemplary achievements in war or fine art. The most renowned Diamond KOHINOOR went from India to Britain.

Gems are now affordable, making them a common property for the average man. Gem-stitched Jewellery can be found in every woman’s wardrobe.

Gems have been used for ornamental purposes since time immemorial. However, their hidden abilities to replace vital elements in the human body were known from the beginning. Although they are believed to have magical properties, these stones were used in many ways from resolving maladies to reaping wealth.

Perhaps the most famous Vedic Astrological text to mention Gems was HORA SARA, the Indian Astronomer and cum astrologer VARAHAMIHIRA. Later works, both in India and abroad, more or less mirrored the original author. It wasn’t until modern science and chemical chemistry that the chemical characteristics of natural stones was made public. The society also discovered the scientific test of stones. It was also discovered that gems contain a wealth of energy. These stones contain energy vibrations at different frequencies and colours that can be used as replacements for human body elements.

Although the traditional method of identifying and grading Gems used to be the most primitive and basic, relying on close inspection and observation by human eyes (where the subject element was clearly identified and cheating was common), today scientific gem testing laboratories are available around the globe.

Astrologers and Native Medical Doctors experimented with the effects of various organic gems on the body. They found amazing results. It is possible that gems have been the most popular astrological remedy since their easy use.

Gems have two main effects: the energy vibrations they create when worn and the colour it is. You may find it relevant to mention that colour therapy can be used to treat diseases, and the use of color concepts in psychic healing.

Since then, science has scientifically proven and documented the different frequencies of energy vibrations that organic Gem stones emit. These vibrations vary in size from Gems to Gems, and can be used to balance the effects of deficiency or other problems caused by deficiency or lack of vital elements. They are known as the “Panchabootha” or the five basic elements. The three Doshas are Earth, Air Fire Water, Water, Ether. This results in the classification of Ayurveda’s human body chemistry, Vaatha, Pittha, and Kabha.

Let me briefly explain the different Gems used in Astrology and how they have evolved.


Since time immemorial, Ruby is one of the most precious gemstones on Earth. Ruby is a beautiful color, has an amazing hardness, and a stunning brilliance.

India is considered to be the home of rubies. According to Indian classical astrological texts, Ruby is the Sun’s ruler. This is used to counter the Sun’s weakness in your horoscope. A weak Sun in the Horoscope can cause problems.

1) External and psychological factors:- Insufficient willpower and leadership skills. Dissatisfaction with superiors and authority, disillusionment of father and mother, and ill will towards Govt. and rulers etc.

2) Physiological and Internal:-cardiac, low blood, laziness, etc.

The Remedy of Ruby

People with weak sun are to wear the Ruby of high quality. Close examination of their horoscope is required. The weight of normal body weight should not exceed two carats. To be set in yellow gold, the stone should be placed in the ring finger on the left hand of women and the right hand of men.


A pearl, an organic gemstone, forms when a pearl oyster covers foreign objects with layers of nacre. Pearls used to be rare and expensive, but they are now more affordable than gold or other precious jewels. Because they were only created by chance, pearls were very rare.

The best natural pearl for curative and remedial purposes is Natural pearl. However, cultured pearls can be obtained at a fraction of the cost. Artificial pearls are not recommended for astrological purposes.

Astrology Remedies:

The remedy for a weak moon is pearl. A weak moon can be characterized by indecisiveness, weakness, immorality and wavering mind. Pearls can help with emotional issues. A pearl is not recommended for people with bronchitis, asthma or other conditions. In such cases, a professional Astrologer is recommended.

Red Coral

Another organic Gem, Coral, is made by tiny life forms which settle in warm oceans as colonies.

The Astrological Uses for Coral:

It is important to use red coral with care. Coral may be recommended where the planet’s benefits and favorable are present, but it cannot be used as a shield against its negative effects.


Perhaps the most stunning gem of Navarathnas is Emerald. . The most radiant and intense green of any organic object is found in the prince of Navarathnas’ Family. This magnificent gem has inspired many mystical stories.

Vedas, one of the oldest holy scriptures known to Hindus, refers to this gem’s healing powers in the Vedas.

South America is home to some of the finest emeralds in the world. This stone has been regarded as sacred by people since ancient times.

Some fine emeralds may be more expensive than diamonds.

You can see some of these magnificent emeralds in world-famous museums and collections.

Emerald uses:

The gem of Emerald can be used successfully in astrological remedies. These planets are usually sober and do not produce negative outcomes, except when they become a functional malefic.

Yellow sapphire


The pure crystallized form of sapphires is devoid any color. There are many colours available for sapphires, including pink, white, green, yellow and orange. Yellow sapphire, also known in India as Pushpa ragam, or Pushya ragam, is called pukhraj. Blue sapphire, on the other hand, is called neelam. The specific gravity is 3.99 with a mean refractive index of 1.765, and hardness of 9. There are Occurrence Sapphires in Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka. U.S.A., Nigeria, Mexico, Zambia, and Nepal

Uses of Astrology:

This stone is the most valuable in the Navarathnas clan and bestows all wealth, wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to see the ultimate. This stone is a great choice for girls who are looking to find their soul mates. If astrologers recommend it, this stone can help with physical ailments like biliousness and chronic liver problems. This stone is Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

This improves sight, reduces melancholy, provides life security and protects one from poverty. It is used to treat diseases such as diarrhoea and gastritis. On a Thursday of bright half the lunar month, it should be worn on your right thumb in gold. It should weigh more than 6 grams.


Physical properties:

In its purest form, diamond is carbon. It is carbon in its pure form with a specific gravity equal to 3.52 and a mean refractive index of 2.4818.

There is no chemical difference between graphite, diamond and coal. The unique atomic bonding is what makes them different.


South Africa, Australia and Russia are the main destinations for diamonds. India is home to diamonds in Madhya Pradesh (Orissa), Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.


A diamond must have inclusions in order to be considered real. They can be seen with the naked eye, or magnified. A diamond is considered a piece of zirconia if it has no visible inclusions such as black spots, milk patches or other dark areas. Collectors are the only ones who can find diamonds without inclusions at magnification.

A diamond must have a complete reflection of light from its back facets. This is the most crucial test.
Astrology: Diamonds

Venus is represented by diamonds. Venus disease can cause problems in the reproductive system, marital life, and quality of life. Life without Venus is a life of hardship and poverty. But, this stone’s uses and suggestions for its use require a thorough understanding of astrology. Aside from its chemical effects on the human body, it has been observed that every stone/piece is unique and may produce good or poor results. As such, trial usage is recommended.

A diamond is believed to bring luxury and wealth. A diamond is believed to increase the fame, name and artistic ability of the individual. A hot gem, diamond is. The gem improves one’s financial situation and gives the individual peace and comfort. It also increases the individual’s virility, especially for males. It is helpful for diabetes, kidney diseases, private parts diseases, and skin diseases. On Fridays in white metals, the diamond should be worn on the ring finger of your right hand. It should weigh 1/4 to 1/2 g.

Blue Sapphire

The gemstone is available in every shade of blue.

The yellow was described above.

Astrology uses:

It is one of the most difficult to analyze and requires extreme caution before suggesting a subject. The stone can make someone else happy, but it will also ruin their personality. Saturn’s negative effect can lead to fatal misfortunes or accidents if it is not properly placed on a chart.

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